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Top-Notch Digital Marketing

  • We've got your back, NO BULLSH*T

  • We're probably BETTER than your current Agency

  • And CHEAPER (because we don't waste time)


Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

ErrorAds was born with 10 years of experience crafting, implementing, and managing digital marketing strategies and campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

That's what we do, and we're DAMN GOOD at it


300 € / month

If you spend less than €3,000 / month on advertising, this is your rate

If in a boost month (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.) you invest, for example, €5,000, we still keep the same rate for you

600 € / month

Rate for businesses that invest up to €15,000 / month

If in a boost month (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.) you invest, for example, €25,000, we still keep the same rate for you



We support startups with budgets of up to €150,000 / month


Both in managing strategy and campaigns as well as in the process of internalizing the acquisition department




We'll have a quick initial video call to get to know you and for you to introduce your business and objectives


Ads Audit

We'll check if what we see aligns with what you've told us, as well as various technical matters



If we believe we can assist you effectively, we'll send you a specific proposition

ErrorAds RoadMap


In August, we launched a basic LP for Spain and began looking for businesses interested in working with an efficient partner

Even though we have 10 years of experience, we're rolling out our ErrorAds Digital Partner model now


We'll start integrating collaborators and businesses from France

The goal is to begin establishing and activating trust relationships in France as well (both at the ErrorAds team level and for businesses), while optimizing our internal processes for both countries and validating the optimal approach for continued growth

That's right: we also speak French and Spanish


Scalability of our model

This will be the most critical year for ErrorAds: the moment when we either lose our essence or manage to solidify it

If our approach interests you, you're invited to reach out to us

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